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Our Favorite Jamaican Recipes is a cookbook dedicated to our Mothers and the meals they cooked for us when we were children. These recipes were collected over time from different people and places: some had been passed down through family; some from local radio programs or newspapers; some from cooking experiments; and, one from the label on a can of apple pie filling. Along the way, most were changed a little here and a little there to include some of their own individual love.

A special part of any day was watching ‘Mother P’ put on her hat and shoes to make a trip around the large yard to pick garden items for that day’s meals. There was a year-round garden with its variety of vegetables, plus mint tree, scotch bonnet pepper bushes, cho cho vines, and more. There were trees of all kinds (coconut, papaya, orange, lime, grapefruit, cherry, breadfruit, banana, guava, ackee, avocado, and one mango).

You too can cook an authentic Jamaican meal if you follow any of the over 55 recipes in our cookbook. Our Favorite Jamaican Recipes is available as a Paperback book or Kindle e-book — please find the links here that will refer you to a source for purchase. You will find the recipes easy to make after a quick trip to the supermarket or your neighborhood ethnic store to pick up items which may be new to your palate. Jamaican food is delicious! Try it…you will like it!

Send us an email about cooking a Jamaican meal or about delicious Jamaican meals you’ve had while on vacation or visiting friends. We encourage you to submit a comment.

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