It is ironic that when the breadfruit was brought to Jamaica from Tahiti by Captain Bligh in the 17th century as a cheap source of food for African slaves it was not favorably received – they considered it too bland and almost inedible.
But now, ask any Jamaican and they will tell you that there is nothing more delicious than roasted breadfruit!
Well, that might not be quite true, because a breadfruit that is roasted and then fried is even more delicious. And a breadfruit that is slightly ripe, roasted, and then fried – is amazingly delicious!
In Jamaica, the breadfruit is consumed when it is mature — it can then be boiled and used in soups and salads as a substitute for white potato. When fully-matured — it can then be roasted or baked, and also fried.

breadfruit on tree

breadfruit ready to be roasted

breadfruit roasted over an open flame

roasted breadfruit halves peeled

roasted breadfruit slices ready to be eaten

fried breadfruit slices ready to be eaten

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