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Thank you for visiting us at this new site for our recently published cookbook: Our Favorite Jamaican Recipes: Three Jamaican Daughters Remember Their Mothers’ Cooking. The cookbook is available in paperback and as a Kindle e-book.

As the sub-title suggests, our cookbook includes recipes of the meals, drinks, and desserts, that we enjoyed during our youth. We have also related a few of our memories of growing up in Jamaica.

In future posts, we will write about some of the recipes and their ingredients. We will relate more of our childhood memories – we had a fabulous childhood that we now can only describe as, idyllic. Of course, there must have been a few bad times, but somehow we don’t seem to remember them now.

Tell us about your experiences preparing and/or enjoying Jamaican food. We know everyone loves jerk chicken and pork – we’ve included a recipe for a jerk seasoning that you can make and enjoy at home.

Be sure to tell us of the food that you particularly liked while you were on vacation in Jamaica, or during your youth if you grew up in the “land of wood and water”.

We will tell you of the foods we enjoy– peeled sugar cane is a delicious, sweet treat to chew on. There were some meals our Mothers cooked that some family members didn’t care for (tripe), and others that we asked for all the time (escoveitch fish). You will find the recipes for both these meals and others in our cookbook.

Thanks for reading this short, first post – we will chat soon.

Trudy, Maureen, and Rebecca


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